Principles Of Marketing - Chapter 7&8

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Principles Of Marketing Questions

Chapter 7 Review Questions

3. Explain why and when penetration and skimming pricing are used in the introduction stage.
4. What stage of the life cycle is a product in when the company cannot meet the demand for it and competitors begin to enter the market?
5. What different strategies do firms use to extend the life cycles of their products throughout the maturity stage?
6. How did Kraft extend the mature stage of the product life cycle of Wheat Thins crackers?
7. Explain the difference between harvesting and a divesting when a firm enters the decline stage.

Chapter 8 Review Questions

1. Explain the difference between a pull and a push strategy when it comes to marketing communications.
2. Why is taking ownership of products an important marketing channel function?
3. Which firms manage inventory in marketing channels?


Chapter 7 Activity # 2

2. Identify two new consumer products sold in a grocery store or by a mass merchandiser such as
Walmart. Explain the strategies used to introduce each of the products and which strategy you feel will be most successful.

Chapter 8 Activity # 2

2. Describe a time in which you did business with a company and received conflicting information from its different channels (for example, a store’s Web site versus a visit to the store). How did it affect your buying experience? Have you done business with the company since?

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