Chapter 11 - Development, sustainable development

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For this chapter the concepts I want you to write on are: From Chapter 11:  Development, sustainable development, Human development index (HDI) GDP and other measures, poverty, resiliency. Central place, Hinterland and dependency, new urbanism, Urban heirarchy, world city

Each section requires at least two to three sentences, but not more than a long paragraph per item. You can always include a reference.

1. Definition:  What is it?   or also if it applies; Where is it?  What is going on?,  or How does this work?

2. Why is this important?

3. Elaboration: Lets hear more on this.... details, controversies, examples, case studies, expert opinions, related items, references etc. (Choose to write on a maximum of one or two of of these.)

4. Context:  How does this apply, to you or someone else personally, or in the global, national, regional, community, or local geographical contexts?

Book: Greiner, Alyson L.. Visualizing Human Geography: At Home in a Diverse World, 3rd Edition

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