ELSE5083 Week 3 - Below are brief descriptions of 4 school

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ELSE5083 Week 3 Case Study Assignment


Below are brief descriptions of 4 school-aged individuals with significant support needs and the situation that have caused issues affecting their education and inclusion in the general education environment. You must arrive at a decision as to how ONE of the student’s situation will be addressed. You will need to answer all the questions below  


Please separate each question with a heading. A grading rubric will be provided. 

1. Justify why you chose the particular student. Describe thoroughly

2. What is main issue in the scenario? Thoroughly describe. 

. Explain why this is the main issue?

· Outline a detailed plan for including the students in regular education classrooms. This needs to be a complete plan that identifies each step that will be taken to address the issue to ensure the student’s involvement in the general education classroom? 

. Include collaboration strategies

. How the student’s specific needs will be met.

. Who needs to be a part of the collaboration process? (between teachers-teachers, teachers-administrators, teachers-parents, school-community, etc.)

. Define each person’s role in ensuring the student will be included with their specific support needs in the regular classroom?

· What parts of the problem-solving process will be used in formulating this plan?

· What tools and techniques are used for collaborative problem solving?

· How will you evaluate successful collaboration in this situation? How will you be sure that your detailed plan was successful?

*This assignment should be at least two double spaced pages. That means you must be thorough in all areas. 

Standards Linkage

This assignment aligns with the Council for Exceptional Children’s (CEC) Professional Standards, specifically the following:

Standard #3: Curricular Content Knowledge

CC3.0 Candidates apply their understanding of the academic subject matter content of the general curriculum and specialized curricula to inform their programmatic and instructional decisions for learners with exceptionalities.

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