Discussion - Is Big Data really a problem on its own

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Ch. 3 Discussion Questions

1. Is Big Data really a problem on its own, or are the use, control, and security of the data the true problem?

2.  What are the implications of having incorrect date points in your Big  Data? What are the implications of incorrect or duplicated customer  data? How valuable are decisions that are based on faulty information  derived from incorrect data?

3. Explain the difficulties involved in managing data. 

4. What are the problems associated with poor-quality data?

5. What is master data management? What does it have to do with high-quality data?

6. Explain why master data management is so important in companies that have multiple data sources. 

7. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of relational databases. 

8. Explain why it is important to capture and manage knowledge. 

9. Compare and contrast tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. 



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