Part 1,2,3 - Critique of the Literature, Contribution Study

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PART 1 Critique of the Literature

Present a critique of the literature - critique what you have discussed in the previous section; comment on where the gap in the literature you reviewed is - the gap that your study will fill. Focus on strengths and weaknesses. What questions remain?

PART 2 Contribution Study Will Make to the Literature

Link to the gap in the literature identified in the previous section and identify/explain how your study will address that gap in literature; explain who will this information be useful to, etc. Present a clear rationale on how this study will contribute to the literature in the field. Focus on strengths and weaknesses. Show why this study needed to be done.

PART 3 Summary of Literature Reviewed

Provide a very brief summary of the issues raised by the literature. Be sure to address the need for the current study. Also, provide a brief introduction to the next chapter.

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