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Prior to beginning work on this discussion,

  • Read Chapter 4 of the course textbook.
  • Browse the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Links to an external site.web page and The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Links to an external site.website for additional information.

Marigold Dairy Corporation sells milk products, including powdered milk formula for infants. Marigold hopes to increase sales of its powdered milk formula in Liberia and other African nations where mothers are often malnourished due to drought and civil war. Marigold’s marketing department has created a marketing plan to convince mothers and expectant mothers not to breastfeed their babies and to, instead, use Marigold formula. Doctors generally favor breastfeeding as beneficial to mothers (it helps the uterus return to normal size), to babies (it is nutritious and strengthens the bonds between the infant and the mother), and to families (it is inexpensive). Marigold’s marketing plan stresses the good nutrition of its formula and the convenience to parents of using it, including not having to breastfeed. You are the senior vice president of marketing for Marigold.

  • Do you approve this marketing plan?
  • What would a rights theorist do?
  • What would a utilitarian do?
  • What would a profit maximizer do?
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