The Family System - Overview Of The Problem Of Child Abuse

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The Family System: Overview Of The Problem Of Child Abuse And Neglect

Child welfare services have a primary goal of protecting children from harm and promoting a child's development to ensure a healthy transition towards adulthood.  However, when considering the historical and contemporary disproportionality of children of color represented within the child welfare systems (i.e., foster care, juvenile justice, etc.), it is important to consider the role of social work in reinforcing or reforming the field of child welfare. 

Discuss your understanding of the degree to which the etiology (meaning the cause of) and/or prevalence of the child abuse or neglect in question is a function of diversity issues, including disparities and oppression.  Diversity can pertain to issues relating to race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, and poverty.  Please be sure that you specify which area of abuse/neglect you are addressing regarding diversity issues. 

Please be sure that your response addresses 1) the history of social work and its role regarding communities of color, 2) the history of child abuse and neglect/child welfare and its role regarding urban children, youth, and families, 3) ethical practice standards as a social worker and 4) a professional opinion about how to reform child welfare to address the concerns you have identified. 

Please note that you should have at least 3 references that are not included within course material integrated as support throughout your answer, as well as support from an ethical code of your choice (i.e., Child Welfare, the National Association of Social Work (NASW Code of Ethics), National Association of Black Social Workers (Code of Ethics) or the International Federation of Social Workers).  

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