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Microaggressions create an environment of marginalization, exclusion, and disrespect, leading to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. They can further create an environment of distrust, fear, and hostility which can impede communication and collaboration between individuals. For example, Alex and Coach depict how a series of microaggressions can lead to alienation, frustration, and a lack of self-esteem (Walden University, 2021). The video highlights how microaggressions can lead to feeling misunderstood and lacking belonging (Walden University, 2021). As a social worker, I would respond by listening to their stories, validating their feelings, and offering support. I would help the student identify strategies to cope with the microaggressions they are experiencing, such as utilizing self-care activities, connecting with a support system, and seeking counseling. In the video, I demonstrated several practice skills, such as active listening, empathy, a non-judgmental attitude, and cultural humility. I used reflective listening to demonstrate my understanding of the student's experiences and feelings.

The potential impacts of ethnic and racial microaggressions on adolescent psychological development can be far-reaching and long-lasting (Walden University, 2021). Such experiences can create shame, guilt, and anger, leading to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. They can lead to feelings of isolation and marginalization, leading to an increased risk of engaging in high-risk behaviors such as substance use. Additionally, microaggressions can leave adolescents feeling disconnected from their cultural and racial identities, resulting in a lack of cultural competency and pride.

As a social worker, I would create an open dialogue where the student can share their experiences and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental space. This would allow the student to gain insight into their feelings and help to create an action plan to address the negative impacts of microaggressions (Walden University, 2021). A key part of this process would be to utilize the values and ethics of the profession. This includes ensuring the student's rights to self-determination, confidentiality, and respect. Additionally, I would provide the student with resources and tools to help them effectively manage and cope with the negative impacts of microaggressions.


Respond to two colleagues by providing constructive feedback on their choice of methodological approach. Would a different approach be more appropriate or effective in answering the research question? Why or why not?

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