Discuss which treatment option you believe is most effective

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Question 1

Your textbook discusses various types of treatment options for Anxiety Disorders. Discuss which treatment option you believe is most effective and why. Discuss which treatment option you believe is least effective and why.

Question 2

Discuss a person who helped to lay the foundations of organization studies/theories. Discuss his/her ideas as they relate to organizations and your specific organization (Home health care worker). How are his/her ideas different/similar to the other key figures (compare to at least ONE other key figure)?  

Question 3

Then, review the information on vision in Biopsychology particularly the information on disorders of visual perception. Select one of the five disorders (simultanagnosia, prosopagnosia, ocular apraxia, optic ataxia, or Balint's syndrome) and research its clinical etiology, symptoms, and treatments. Think about its symptoms and problems commonly experienced by people diagnosed with it and its impact on important areas of life functioning, including work, relationships, and leisure time. Locate an APUS Online Library research article or other scientifically grounded information about this disorder and report the etiology, symptoms, treatments, and areas of the brain responsible for it and specific behaviors it affects. What would you expect to be the must challenging aspects of the disorder for you if you had it?

Question 4

Many people wear glasses to compensate for the fact that the optical system of their eye does not focus a sharp image on the retinas. Once you have reviewed the videos below, discuss at least three of the disorders of focusing. Be sure that you are discussing the complete epigenetic origin which should include a discussion of the genetic/biological origin and the environment influence related to these disorders of focusing. Include in your discussion the impact of culture in the development of the optical system at various stages of the lifespan. Support your belief and use specific examples. 

Question 5

describe the structure of the ear, focusing on the role that each component plays in transmitting the vibrations that enter the outer ear to the auditory receptors in the inner ear. Then, discuss the basic difference between determining the location of a sound source in the brain and determining the location of the visual object in the brain. Lastly, discuss the somewhat surprising outcome of research on hearing loss in urban versus rural environments, and the physiological explanation behind it. Support your belief and use specific examples. 

Question 6

When evaluating a preschool one of the things some parents will look at is academics that are taught to their child.

1- What are the most important things a parent should be looking for when deciding placement in a preschool?

2-  How do parents evaluate skill development with regards to problem solving, make-believe and artistic activities within a preschool?  Explain why these factors may be important for this evaluation?

Question 7

1. Teen parents, unmarried cohabitating and single parents face many hurdles in life that older or more traditional parents do not face. Explain effective ways they can address these issues? 2. With the economy the way it is, many adult children are moving back home to live with their parents or some aging parents are moving in with their adult children because they require care. Discuss what are some of the challenges that arise (in either scenario) and suggestions for dealing with those challenges?

Question 8

Discuss the differences between the three major approaches surrounding collection and analysis of data, i,e., quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods.  As well as, describe the design of scientific inquiry that may go with each method i.e., survey, narrative, phenomenological, ethnographic, grounded theory, or case study and why it would be selected. Then address which method and design you think you would prefer to use to conduct research and why.

Question 9

1) Visit the FBI website and search for the crime laboratory. What services are provided to law enforcement by the lab?

2) Pick one of the FBI services provided and create a request for analysis of specific evidence collected at a fictional crime scene. What testing would you request the FBI lab to do for your case? 3) Review the 2-part “body farm” video on the same FBI lab website and discuss what you found to be interesting.

FBI — FBI Trains at Body Farm, Part 1

FBI — FBI Trains at Body Farm, Part 2

Question 10

Deviant behavior may appear to be very common in sports. Negative behavior from athletes, coaches, spectators, parents, and other members of the sports community are frequently publicized in the media. For this discussion, we are going to examine some of the deviant behavior that occurs in our sports world and identify the effect of the behavior on sports and our society.

For this discussion, you will research references that address deviant behavior involving one or more of the following: 1) athletes, 2) coaches, 3) sports media members, 4) officials, 5) athletic administrators, or 6) spectators. Then, please answer the following questions:

1. What was the deviant behavior?

2. What was the punishment, if any?

3. What are the ramifications on sport and society due to this particular situation?

4. Is this behavior a common theme in sports? If so, what has been done or should be done to manage this problem.

Question 11

This week we are going to utilize a teaching game from the CDC and share your own results here. First, please take a moment to view this video from the CDC, titled: CDC in Action: Foodborne Outbreaks

Please begin by visiting the CDC's "Solve the Outbreak" launch page: https://www.cdc.gov/digital-social-media-tools/mobile/applications/sto/sto-web.html

You can download this game to a mobile device or play it on its own webpage: https://www.cdc.gov/mobile/applications/sto/web-app.html

Please choose one of the outbreaks (unless you play around for a while you will have to choose from Level 1) and work through the scenario. (Please try to choose different outbreaks - you should title your post with the name of the outbreak you have chosen)

Once you have worked through the "mission", please begin your thread and share your results. What surprised you about the scenario? Did you have thoughts/ideas other than the actual cause at the beginning of the scenario? Did the scenario walk-through suggest investigating things you had not thought about?

Please share your thoughts about the scenario and whether or not it helped you to think critically about investigating the outbreak. 

After working through this scenario, do you have a deeper understanding about the challenges officials face when investigating a foodborne illness (or other type of illness) outbreak?

Question 12

Advertisements exist to sell you a product. It might be soap, music, political positions, or ideas. Most advertisements use a variety of logical fallacies to persuade but some use them to subtlety or overtly manipulate the intended audience.

Find an ad. You don't have to repeat the entire ad, only enough to familiarize us with it. Be sure to provide a source for the ad piece chosen or display an image of it in your initial post.

(1) name the fallacy it commits

(2)  define the fallacy and

(3)  explain in detail how this ad is an example of this fallacy. 

Perform the given exercise to understand it better.


The  appeal to ignorance is a fallacy based on the assumption that a statement must be true if it cannot be proven false — or false if it cannot be proven true.

 An ad claims that, "Nobody has ever proved to me that Shrest Whitening Strips are harmful" which erroneously implies that you know they aren't.

Question 13

Imagine that your 9 year old daughter has just told you that her best friend has started her period. She wants to know when she is going to start hers. She also is confused about what a period even is.

Write out a potential script you could use to answer your daughter's questions. Explain when she can expect to begin her period and describe what occurs during the menstrual cycle.

Question 14

As online students, the topic of Social Media and Education should resonate with your educational experience with APUS. In fact, APUS has a myriad of social media sites specifically for current and prospective students. Our school utilizes these social media sites to inform and to collect feedback.

Obviously, social media has a place in marketing for higher education, but do you think it has a place in the classroom? Please view the link below and discuss your thoughts on the ideas discussed. Do you think social media can be helpful or detrimental in a classroom setting? Please explain your reasons for your answer.

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