Ancient Age Sculpture - Compare the Venus of Willendorf

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Choose ten (out of the fifteen) of the following questions and answer each in approximately 100 words each. Each response is worth 10 points. Use your own words. If you study with another student, you must each choose different examples and show evidence of your own thoughts. You may reference the class readings and your class notes without citation. If you use another source, you must cite the source. 

Complete responses on a Word document and upload that document to this tab. 

Please number your responses #1-10 and include the title of each question.

The biggest problem with student submission of this final has been plagiarism. Please be sure everything is in your own words or very brief cited quotes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Connect personal experience to the humanities
  • Interpret a work of art, literature, philosophy, or religion.
  • Analyze multicultural perspectives.

Choose Ten of the Following:

Ancient Age Sculpture

Compare the Venus of Willendorf to a 21st century image of the body in popular art, culture, or the media.  Include a photo or a link to the modern image you chose. Explain in detail how each depiction of the body expresses the values of each of the cultures (stone age and contemporary age); in other words, what does the depiction of the human form reveal about the values of each culture?


View a Classical Greek sculpture in the contrapposto pose, such as this one,   

and explain how the sculpture is example of the rise of humanism that was not present in the earlier Greek sculptures.

Monotheistic Religions 

Explain how Abraham is a founding figure in each of the three Abrahamic religions. Name the religions and tell why Abraham is significant in each.

The Medieval Church 

The medieval Church influenced the arts in many ways. Give a specific example of how the Church influenced each of these five art modes(architecture, drama, literature, music, visual arts) in the medieval period, and place them in order of significance (#1 should be the art mode that was most influenced by the Church). Support your rationale for the ordering. 

Medieval vs. Renaissance Art 

Choose a work of medieval art (500-1400) and a work of Renaissance art (1400-1600) with a similar theme or subject. Give specific examples of the elements of Medieval and Renaissance techniques/elements in each and explain how the Renaissance piece is an example of the pictorial revolution.

The Influence of Martin Luther 

View the painting Allegorical Portrait of Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve (The Ambassadors) by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1533.

 (Links to an external site.)How is the influence of Martin Luther shown in this painting? Give specific examples.

Non-Western Humanities

Explain the meaning of the term "non-Western" and explain why it is important to study works of art from cultures outside of the Western world. Include the topic you chose for CJ 3 as an example of what you have learned from your brief study of non-Western art.

Baroque Music 

Listen to Vivaldi's "Spring" from The Four Seasons (1st movement).

Describe how the piece of music shows characteristics of the Baroque time period. Give specific examples of Baroque characteristics and how this piece demonstrates them.

Are You Enlightened? 

Explain how the Locke and Rousseau’s idea of the social contract is evident today. Use a specific modern example and explain how the example shows the relationship between individual freedom and the role of the government.

Matching  Romantic Art and Music

Listen to Chopin's Revolutionary.

Choose an example of Romantic art that best fits the theme of this piece. Explain why the art you chose fits with the theme of the music, including specific examples of how the music and the art contain elements of Romanticism.

Impressionist Inspiration

Find your favorite Impressionist painting (include title, artist, and year it was painted) and compare it to a work of art from the early 19th century. Explain how the impressionist painting broke from the traditional ideas of painting from the previous era.

What is Art? 

View the short video, Objects (the video is located in the Finals Week Module), and answer the following question.

Discuss whether or not each of the works of art described in the videos is art, or not, and explain why.

Identity in Modern Art

Choose a work of art from the 20th century that shows the artist's “struggle for identity.” Include the title, artist, and year created, and explain how the artwork shows the artist’s struggle to express identity. (Think of identity in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.)

Political Modern Art

Find a work of political art from the 20th century (1900-1999). Explain what political statement the artist was making, and whether or not it is still applicable in the 21st century (today).

Picasso: Rose and Blue

View the video below on the causes of Picasso's Rose and Blue Periods. 

Embed an example of each (one painting from each period) and explain why each is indicative of that particular period.

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