Personal Analysis Assignment - First, define and describe

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1. Personal Analysis Assignment  

Write an 800-word (approx. 3 pages double-spaced) paper analyzing your personal background in light of intercultural awareness and interactions. NOTE: This needs to be in APA 7 formatting with: a title page, introduction, headings, double-spaced, page numbers, references, and citations from other sources. This is a 3-part personal analysis paper that should follow this outline: 

1. First, define and describe the personal and cultural values that have shaped what is important to you, especially how you process decision-making and communication. (Approx. 200 words). Talk about your personal experience (no sources required).

2. Second, explain and analyze how the culture in which you were raised, and your life experiences have shaped your understanding of Christianity; bring in 1 academic source to your analysis (approx. 300 words). 

3. Third, comment/analyze the following: how have the strengths and weaknesses of the values, cultural influences, and experiences that have shaped you help you relate to persons or groups of a different culture or religious affiliation? (e.g., How has your background shaped the way you study, work, and live in a globalized world? What kinds of interpersonal connections or conflicts may likely arise, given the nature of your first-culture background?) Bring in 1-2 academic sources to your analysis (Approx. 300 words).

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