Week 6 Discussion - Leaders have strategies to grow businesses

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Week 6 Discussion

Leaders have strategies to grow businesses and methods to finance the plans. For instance, we learned sections of capital proposals for five weeks because it is a means to expand business. Other ways to grow a business are mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs. For the week six discussion post, you may select both or one of the discussion posts. 


Post 1: 

What is your preferred method to grow a business? Capital proposals like Disney opening a park in Tokyo. The second selection for growing a business is mergers and acquisitions. Kroger company increased their market share by purchasing a competitor. Other companies like Microsoft and Google have a history of mergers and acquisitions. 


Post 2:

In week one, we discussed funding sources for growth ideas. We discussed business bank loans, initial public offerings, venture capital loans, common stocks, and bonds. What is your preferred financing source to grow the business? Why? Did you use the Weighted-Average Cost of Capital to help you select the financing source? Why? Why not?


In your response to your classmates, consider the following questions:

  • How does your approach differ from the recommendations of your classmates?
  • How might your recommendation change after reading your classmates’ recommendations?
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