BUS530 Unit 1 Assignment

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Every profession around the world contains its own jargon and lingo and project management is no different. This assignment is designed to gauge your current understanding of project management terms and concepts.


In this week’s assignment, answer the following questions. It is crucial that you answer these questions without using any external material. Simply rely on your experience, point-of-view, and current understanding of project management to answer these questions. You will be evaluated on your efforts to answer these questions compared to the validity of your answers.

1. What is the role of a project sponsor?

2. Who decides all the tasks that need to be completed for a given project?

3. How does an organization choose one project over another?

4. How is the budget finalized for a given project?

5. What happens if someone wants to add one extra feature in the project deliverable half-way through the project?

6. Can a construction project manager run a healthcare-related project successfully? How?

7. Half-way through the project execution, you learned that a project is running behind the schedule. As a project manager what would you do?

8. Longer the project duration, the higher the chances of risk. What provisions would you include in your risk management plan?

9. Upon project completion, you learned that client is not happy with the final deliverables. What can you do now?

10. When should a project be marked as complete?



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