Week 1 Discussion - Describe the differences between the supply chains

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Week 1 DQ TLMT

W1: Overview of Supply Chain Management Contains

In this opening Discussion you are to describe the differences between the supply chains for the retail business of Walmart and Dell.

Think about this: What makes two organizations a bit different? It could be what they sell? it could be where their products comes from?

Examine what your colleagues find as a "difference" with your replies asking about what they found.

Here is a source to use; but you are more than free to do an Internet search for Walmart and Dell supply chain.

Maybe you will uncover something about supply chains that will surprise you. They are often a surprise to some waiting customers.

Also, do not forget to think current timeframe. What is this year? Hmmm. Anything big going on between customers and the supply chain side of things?

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