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1.  You are a Knowledge Management consultant hired by Adidas. Adidas, the sportswear brand, is looking to increase their sales at existing locations and explore expansion to new customer segments. Your have been brought in to conduct a thorough review of the existing practices of knowledge sharing in the retail locations – to understand the existing supply of knowledge – as well as to integrate knowledge from external sources to facilitate its expansion to new customer segments. Please identify at least 2 internal and 2 external stakeholders that you would like to conduct interviews with towards this goal. After identifying these stakeholders, pick 1 stakeholder of your choice and prepare an interview guide containing at least 10 questions.  

2.  Knowledge integration refers to the combination of existing knowledge with newly acquired knowledge. Utilizing the four strategies for knowledge integration that we discussed in class, explain to the CEO of Honda how they can position themselves to be more adept at knowledge integration. Please provide examples in your response. 

3.  We have highlighted the importance of cross-functional project teams for knowledge sharing. Please provide the rationale behind developing a cross-functional project team and what benefits it yields. In your response, explain how a cross-functional project team can be comprised at Zara, the clothing brand, and what opportunities it would bring to the organization for knowledge sharing.  

4.  Information security is one of the key topics in Knowledge management. Define the four components of enabling information security, as discussed in the class. Highlight how viruses are a threat to information systems. Lastly, explain what specific steps can be taken to prevent against potential threats. 

5.  Define what is a Knowledge-Based System (KBS). Thereafter, highlight the six essential criteria for selecting a KBS tool. 


·  Format: Word document, Arial 12,5

·  Word count: 2.000 words minimum

·  The in-text References and the Bibliography must be in the Harvard citation style.

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