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Discussion Topic: Final Project part I: Choosing Dream Product and Needs Discovery

Final Project part I: Choosing Dream Product and Needs Discovery

Greetings Students. 

This is where we begin our final project which will culminate in you selling your dream product to me, a Venture Capitalist. Answer questions 1-3 in a new discussion and then respond to two of your classmates:

1. What is your Dream Product?

Choose a "dream product", an idea that you've had for a product where you've always thought *why doesn't anyone do this?* Write a short description of your product.

For example, previous students have an idea for an app that uses GPS to know what grocery store you're in, and can map out the locations of all products in that store. Elon Musk's HyperloopLinks to an external site. is another perfect example of a dream product. Don't spend too much time agonizing over this, I'm not grading you on the product, I'm grading you on how you sell it. 

I encourage you to email me and clear a dream product with me if you are unsure. 

2. What are the Pain Points that your product solves

There are definitions of "pain points" in Ch 11 but it's simply what human problems does your dream product solve? I encourage you to be specific. 

3. Write four questions you would ask in a sales call using the Consultative Questioning Strategy (Ch. 11.3.2)

In the context of the pain points above, write the four questions you could use in a sales call. 1. Survey, 2. Probing, 3. Confirmation, and 4. Needs Satisfaction questions. Everything you need for this is in Ch. 11.3.2. 

When you are ready, hit "reply" below and write your discussion post by answering the three questions above. 

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