Week 9 Relocation - You have applied for a job in the Washington

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Week 9 - Relocation

  • You have applied for a job in the Washington DC area. You live in Southwestern VA where the cost of living is lower. You and your family of five are excited about relocating. You are happy with the salary that is being offered, but you have concerns over the relocation assistance that the firm is providing. They will provide job placement assistance for your spouse, but are offering very little regarding helping you sell your current home as well as purchasing a new home. You are now at an impasse. Identify what you can propose to get around this impasse.
  • Maybe you want to purchase your dream home. Maybe you want a house on a Caribbean island. Maybe you want a second home to escape to for the winter months. How do you make it become a reality? What must you be mindful of? What must you take into consideration? What steps must you take prior to calling a realtor and what must you be mindful of relative to negotiating during the searching and purchasing process? Etc, etc... 
  • Respond to at least one of your classmates with length, content, and substance.
  • Respond to any and all questions asked by your fellow students and the professor.
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