Discussion - Under Armour’s Strategy in 2020

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Discuss Question 1

Discussion Questions assignment

For this assignment, write about 300 words for each discussion question;

For each Discussion question, cite at least 1 peer review references in APA 7th format.

1. In your textbook, read “Case 8: Under Armour’s Strategy in 2020: Can It Revive Sales and Profitability in Its Core North American Market?”. In your readings in this course and previous courses, consider use of VRIN and weighted competitive assessment.

For this week’s class discussion, answer the following questions:

1. What is your assessment of the Under Armour’s performance downturn in North America that first appeared in the fourth quarter of 2016? Causes? Reason

2. Does Under Armour have any resource strengths or competitive capabilities that qualify as a distinctive competence?

3. What are the key elements of Under Armour’s strategy?

4. What recommendations and suggestions for managerial decision making or improvement would you make to Kevin Plank regarding the turnaround strategy put in place at Under Armour?

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