Personal Experience Professional Assignment

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1. Personal Experience Professional Assignment

In a 3- to 4-page, APA-formatted paper, describe a time that you or one of your organization’s leaders implemented a plan, system, or process that failed. 

1. Describe whether there was reluctance to end the failed plan, system, or process. 

2. What finally caused the organization to move towards using a new approach? 

3. If the organization is still operating the failed program, what effect is this having on internal stakeholders?

4. What decision would you have made if you were given the opportunity to do it all over again? 

5. How does that decision differ from what was implemented and failed previously? 

2. Bad Decision Making Case Analysis Assignment

For your final paper, write a 5-6-page, APA-formatted case history of a decision-making disaster that impacted any country, state, or city greatly. Investigate the decision made by the organization and write-up a case history of the decision, including the decision making process, and the outcome. 

At this point, you should have received a comprehensive education of the strategies, challenges, and opportunities within the topic of managerial and strategic decision-making. Be sure to incorporate all of this new understanding within your paper. Consider the information that you have learned in your readings and previous case analysis assignments.

Support your thoughts and ideas with your textbook plus a minimum of six (6) relevant, outside, academic, or peer-reviewed sources that are properly identified, cited, and referenced.


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