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PRG215 Java Programming

Week 3 Discussion

Controlling Loop Behavior with Booleans

When you declare a variable of type boolean, that variable can hold only one of two values: true (1) or false (0). While progarmmers can use variables of type boolean in any way that makes sense for the programs they are writing, one typical use of boolean variables is associated with controlling loop behavior.

Research the use of boolean variables in controlling loop behavior.

Discuss what you have learned by posting your answers to the following questions:

Why are boolean variables used more often than other variable types to control loop behavior?

How does the name a programmer gives a boolean variable affect its effectiveness in controlling loop behavior?

Discussion Question: Collaborative Debugging

Discuss your work on this week's coding assignment by posting the following to the discusion:

• A description of any problem(s) you ran into when you tried to code and test this week's program, accompanied by a screenshot of your buggy Java™ code along with a screenshot of your running program, if needed

• The steps you took to fix those problems (if you were able to fix them). Are you eyeballing the code? Relying on the debugger? A combination?

• Suggestions for helping a classmate fix his or her buggy Java™ code

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