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PRG215 Java Programming

Week 1 Discussion

Java™ Platform Support

All computer programs run on one or more platforms.

Research the term "platform" as it relates to programming in general and Java™ in particular.

Answer these questions:

On what platform(s) can Java programs run?

• What effect, if any, do you think platform support has had on the popularity and use of Java?

Discussion Question: Collaborative Debugging

In industry, most programmers work on teams. One of the most important benefits of working on a programming team is the ability to get a fresh set of eyes to help you debug your programs.

For this week's discussion, post:

A description of any problem(s) you ran into when you tried to code and test this week's program, accompanied by a screenshot of your buggy Java™ code

The steps you took to fix those problems (if you were able to fix them)

Suggestions for helping a classmate fix his/her buggy Java™ code

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