LSU LHRD7171 2020 November Module 3 Assignment Latest

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LHRD7171 Instructional Design for Human Resource Development

Module 3 Assignment  

Needs Analysis

Based on what you have learned from Chapter 1 through 6, create your needs analysis report

See the example and form.

You can see the template and example of needs analysis when you click the icon.

The example is just an example to provide the basic idea of needs analysis so your needs analysis will be better than the example.

Needs Analysis Data Collection and Report

1.  Name and Topic:

2.  Problem Statement (what is not happening that should):

3. Audiences to collect data from (number, selection criteria and rationale):

4. Data collection methods to use (and rationale):

5. Questions to ask (i.e., survey instrument, interview questions and/or observation checklist):

6. Description of Needs Analysis Process (what you did):

7.  Summary of Data Collected: 

8.  Interpretation of Data

9.  Statement of Revised Instructional Problem to be solved by Lesson

10. Learner Characteristics

11. Context/Environment Characteristics

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