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PRG215 Java Programming

Week 2 Discussion

Compound Assignment Operators

A compound assignment operator like += or -= is an operator that does two things at the same time: first, it peforms a calculation; and second, it assigns the calculated value to a variable or constant.

Review the following two examples:

totalPoints += 95; same as totalPoints = totalPoints + 95

finalGrade -= 30; same as finalGrade = finalGrade - 30

With your teammates, discuss the possible benefits, if any, of using a compound operator vs. the alternative. Can you think of any drawbacks to using compound operators?

Discussion Question: Collaborative Debugging

Discuss your work on this week's coding assignment by posting the following to the discussion:

A description of any problem(s) you ran into when you tried to code and test this week's program, accompanied by a screenshot of your buggy Java™ code along with a screenshot of your running program, if needed

The steps you took to fix those problems (if you were able to fix them). Are you eyeballing the code? Relying on the debugger? A combination?

Suggestions for helping a classmate fix his or her buggy Java™ code

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