Unit 3 Discussion - Chap. 2 Theoretical Perspectives And Contexts

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Unit 3: Discussion - Chap. 2 Theoretical Perspectives And Contexts Of Language Development


Search the web for a chart of the developmental stages of normal language development.  Suggested sites are:

  • Language Development in Children Links to an external site.
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing AssociationLinks to an external site.
    1. Which of the 5 theoretical perspectives of language development (1. behaviorist, 2. nativist, 3. Cognitive developmental, 4. socioculture, and 5. interactive-emrgentist) aligns with your own philosophy from last week? Provide specific examples from the chosen theoretical perspective to your philosophy to explain.
    2. Name a theorist-researcher associated with each perspective. What are the implications of each theory for an early childhood and elementary education classroom?
    3. Describe the zone or proximal development. How does this concept relate to language development?
    4. Describe each of the following interaction patterns and how you see yourself using them in the classroom: 1. child-directed speech, 2. verbal mapping, 3. questioning, 4. linguistic scaffolding and 5. mediation.
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