Did you engage in any of these emotion regulation strategies

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The textbook lists five strategies for regulating emotions: situation selection, situation modification, attentional deployment, cognitive change, and response modulation. Make sure your responses include examples from the text and/or resources to support your response. This is a college level class and requires more than just a couple of sentences to support your reaction. 

Think of a particularly emotionally challenging time in your life.

1. Did you engage in any of these emotion regulation strategies? If so, which ones did you use, and why do you think you engaged in these strategies? 

2. Is there anything that made it more or less challenging to implement a strategy? You need to clarify why you responded the way you did. In other words, simply saying, "Yes or No," and not providing supportive information, will not earn you credit. 

3. In general, what might make some emotion regulation strategies more challenging to engage in than others, and what might facilitate the adoption of particular strategies?

4. Now that you’ve learned more about emotion regulation strategies, which might you try to use in your own life more frequently, and how could you help yourself to adopt productive emotion regulation habits? Make sure you include the name of the type of regulation  strategy you would use, and use info you learned to describe how it would alter your habits.

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