The Woman Behind the New Deal and The Great Revolt

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have a comparative book review essay written on The Woman Behind the New Deal and The Great Revolt (two books)
1500 words with citations and be plagiarism.
a comparative book review on The Woman Behind the New Deal and The Great Revolt. There are many reviews available online for these books, and Blackboard will thoroughly scrub the internet to make sure all work is original. Please be sure that this work is original, yours, and not overly swayed by other people's opinions. (Of course, that requirement exists for all college work, but book reviews are more susceptible to the temptations I note here.) Some questions to consider: What are the theses or arguments of the book? Who are the author? Are they qualified to discuss these topics? What kind of evidence do they bring to their arguments or stories? What are the strengths and weaknesses with the arguments or evidence? What could have helped the authors make stronger arguments? What are your opinions regarding the authors, books, or arguments? What do the books say about the state of our nation or the political system? Do you need additional information?
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