"Class in the Classroom" analytical paragraph

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"Class in the Classroom" analytical paragraph

Write one formal, well-developed, academic paragraph analyzing ONE writing strategy Halberstam used to make the essay an effective one. This assignment is not about the content of his chapter, but rather an analysis of his strategies,an analysis of the rhetorical strategies – the one you thought was most effective. Consult the "What is Rhetoric" handout for a list of rhetorical strategies.


  • Choose one rhetorical strategy to analyze. Begin with a topic sent and build from there.
  • It should be formal and well-developed.
  • It should refer back to the reading assignment.
  • It should be word processed.
  • Review your notes for what constitutes academic writing.
  • Include a works cited page for Halberstam’s article.

FINISHED draft due: 9/11 Mon.
Assignment Due: 9/13 Wed.


1. What 4 things did we need to include in the topic sentence?

2. How many paragraphs should this be?

3. How many strategies do I need to write about?

4. How long should it be?

5. If I quote the article, what goes in the parenthetical?

6. Where can I find the citation information for the works cited page?

7. How do I center my title?

8. How do I get my work cited page on a separate piece of paper?

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