In this unit, we have taken a closer look at writing a

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In this unit, we have taken a closer look at writing as a craft. We have revisited the writing process and methods for invention, we have examined informal logical fallacies, and we have discussed paragraph cohesion.

For this writing, think about your past experiences with writing (which may include the experiences you have had in this course). What advice about writing did you find most helpful? Why? Please explain the context that led to this advice. You may also tell more than one story about your writing experiences.

The objective of your discussion is to consider the advice of other writers and how we can always improve our writing by listening to others. Further, you are sharing that advice with your reader by reflecting upon the experience.
Remember, as always, that this writing should be a positive and constructive experience for everyone. The idea is that you reflect upon the process so that you understand it, understand yourself as a new student writer, and understand the challenges and successes you experience.
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