Persuasive Speech Assignment

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Persuasive Speech Assignment
LO4: Explain the effect that perception, gender, and culture have on communication.

LO6: Analyze ethical dimensions of human communication.

LO7: Demonstrate effective speech planning, delivery, and evaluation skills.

Much of your future real-world communication will likely be persuasive, from job interviews to business proposals. For this assignment you will plan and deliver a persuasive speech. These are the requirements for the assignment:
• Use one of the persuasive speech organizational patterns covered in the course
• Length: 4-7 minutes
• At least four documented sources
Before you begin planning your speech, you should select a general topic. The text defines persuasion as “the process of influencing another person’s attitudes, beliefs, values and/or behaviors.”
Things to consider when selecting a topic:
1. Select a topic that interests you. If you can find a suitable topic related to your degree field, you are encouraged to do so.
2. Select a topic that would interest your audience.
3. Select a topic that you know something about (do not select a topic you lack information on and attempt to research it just for this speech). You should have a general understanding of the topic and conduct research for further understanding and specifics.
4. Select a topic you can cover in 4-7 minutes.
5. The topic does not have to be a controversial topic, but it should be a topic that has opposing viewpoints and opinions. If there is not opposition to the topic, no persuasion is needed, right?
6. Select a topic that is appropriate for a professional environment and diverse audience.
7. Select a topic that is persuasive, instead of informative. For example: talking to your audience about a healthy lifestyle is NOT a persuasive topic. Persuading your audience to exercise at least three times per week IS a persuasive topic.

Once you’ve selected the topic, you can then start the development of the outline.
In order to be most effective with your persuasion, you’ll need to present your arguments in an organized sequence. Select one of the following common patterns of organization for your persuasive speech:
1. Problem/solution
2. Cause-effect/Effect-cause
3. Motivated Sequence
4. Pro/con
5. Comparison/contrast

These patterns are discussed in more detail in your textbook and other course resources. Once you’ve identified which pattern you will use, arrange your key ideas first and then create the introduction and conclusion for the speech.
Incorporating Sources:
Having sufficient and credible resources is a crucial part of any persuasive speech. This assignment requires at least four recent and credible sources. Sources should be provided in APA format and submitted with your outline. For more information on formatting sources and avoiding plagiarism, refer to the resources in your course shell.
Considering Your Rhetoric:
Your audience is a very important consideration when attempting to persuade. You will need to take into account their background and potential biases when planning your argument.
At the same time, it is important that your argument and use of sources be ethical. You should not use information out of context to intentionally mislead, for example, or rely on the potential biases of your audience (even if you do need to remain conscious of them).
Delivering Your Speech:
Throughout the course, you will be provided with tips and methods for delivering strong speeches. Most obviously, it’s important that you rehearse before delivering a speech, even if you are instructed by your faculty member to submit a recorded speech. No matter how strong your outline and content, if you are unable to engage your audience’s attention and deliver that content clearly, you will not be heard or understood. If your speech is to be recorded, keep in mind that any objects or visuals should be large enough to be seen on camera/video.
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