Throughout the research process, you will be finding sources

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the topic i selected was social media

Throughout the research process, you will be finding sources to support your argument for your Argumentative Writing Assignment. Reviewing these sources for bias and credibility is very important.
So, how do you find a reliable, academic, and scholarly source? Please review this short explanation of scholarly sources:
Finding Scholarly Sources (pp. 33-34)
For your initial post, find one source that would support your position for the topic you have selected to write about for the Argumentative Writing Assignment. The source should be scholarly and academic in nature. Write a one paragraph summary of the source, and include an in-text citation, and reference. Refer back to the Citing Sources pdf resource in Unit 3 for information on summarizing. You might also want to review the information on credible sources in the Critiquing a Source pdf in Unit 4 and the Researching chapter listed in Unit 5.
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