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NU643 Advance Psychopharmacology

Week 2 Assignment   



Tell a ‘story’ by describing how a neuronal impulse creates a cascade of events to occur within the neuron and between neurons. Imagine that you are explaining how neuronal activation occurs, and what the step-by-step processes are, as you would, to a fellow nurse practitioner that has not specialized in psychiatric nursing but is familiar with medical/biology terminology.

Concepts/words that must be incorporated and explained throughout your ‘story’ includes:


Synaptic Cleft

Receiving Neuron

Signal Transduction Cascade

Voltage-gated and Ligand-ion channels

G-protein-linked Receptor

Agonist, Partial Agonist, Antagonist, and Inverse Agonist and their Role in Signal Transduction

Please follow the Assignment Rubric. The expected length of the submission is 1-2 pages and include at least three scholarly references in your work.

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