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NR552 Advanced Pharmacology

Week 2 Quiz  

Which of the following is a true statement about drug A that reaches maximum effect at 10 mg as opposed to drug B that requires 100 mg to produce the same effect?

Select one:

 a.Drug A is more efficacious

 b.Drug B has a lower affinity

 c.Drug A is more potent

 d.Drug A is more selective

Question 2The point in time on the drug concentration curve that indicates the first sign of a therapeutic effect is the:

Select one:

 a.Minimum adverse effect level

 b.Peak of action

 c.Onset of action

 d.Therapeutic range

Question 3Which receptor type acts as a binding site for many hormones, adrenoceptors, and chemokines?

Select one:

 a.Transmembrane G-protein coupled receptor

 b.Transmembrane Ligand-gated ion Channels

 c.Nuclear receptors

 d.Enzyme linked receptors

Question 4A provider may consider testing for CYP2D6 variants prior to starting tamoxifen for breast cancer to:

Select one:

 a.Ensure the patient will not have increased adverse drug reactions to the tamoxifen

 b.Identify potential drugâ€"drug interactions that may occur with tamoxifen

 c.Reduce the likelihood of therapeutic failure with tamoxifen treatment

 d.Identify poor metabolizers of tamoxifen

Question 5What is the effect of drug antagonism?

Select one:

 a.There is an increased physiologic response of endogenous hormones

 b.The drug Is modified by the concurrent administration of another drug

 c.The drug cannot be metabolized before another dose is administered

 d.There is a decreased physiological response when combined with another drug

Question 6Pharmacodynamics involves the biological effects of a drug that is exerted on a living system which occurs by ligand complexes. When considering the effect of the drug on the body, the NP know that which of the following is not considered a ligand?

Select one:

 a.Membrane receptors



 d.Intracellular receptors

Question 7Up to 21% of Asians are ultra-rapid 2D6 metabolizers, leading to:

Select one:

 a.A need to monitor drugs metabolized by 2D6 for toxicity

 b.Increased dosages needed of drugs metabolized by 2D6, such as the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

 c.Decreased conversion of codeine to morphine by CYP2D6

 d.The need for lowered dosages of drugs, such as beta blockers

Question 8A patient’s nutritional intake and laboratory results reflect hypoalbuminemia. This is critical to prescribing because:

Select one:

 a.Distribution of drugs to target tissue may be affected.

 b.The solubility of the drug will not match the site of absorption.

 c.There will be less free drug available to generate an effect.

 d.Drugs bound to albumin are readily excreted by the kidneys.

Question 9Rifampin is a nonspecific CYP450 inducer that may:

Select one:

 a.Lead to toxic levels of rifampin and so must be monitored closely

 b.Cause toxic levels of drugs, such as oral contraceptives, when coadministered

 c.Induce the metabolism of drugs, such as oral contraceptives, leading to therapeutic failure

 d.Cause nonspecific changes in drug metabolism

Question 10The nurse practitioner (NP) chooses to give cephalexin every 8 hours based on knowledge of the drug's:

Select one:

 a.Propensity to go to the target receptor

 b.Biological half-life


 d.Safety and side effects


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