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NR548 Advanced Pathophysiology

Week 2 Discussion


Pick one of the following three cases and present your case summary:

A 7-year-old boy is a patient in the intensive care unit you work at. He was on a camping trip with his family when he accidentally fell on the campfire causing severe second- and third-degree burns over 60% of his body. The clinical care team tells his parents that it will be critical to maintain their son's airway and keep his fluid levels high.

The father is confused and asks you why his son's fluid level is important after a burn. How would you explain this to him?

After your explanation, the father nods that he understands. He then asks how you will measure his son's fluid levels. How would you respond?

As a clinician with knowledge of physiology, which aspects of this boy's condition would you be most concerned about?

A 19-year-old college sophomore presents complaining of frequent diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and weight loss for 2 weeks. Upon further questioning, you learn that 6 weeks ago, he returned from an overseas summer trip to Africa. You suspect he has a parasitic GI infection.

If he asked you how it is possible he could have gotten such an infection weeks ago but not had symptoms until recently, how would you respond?

What other illnesses might you consider that may be responsible for his symptoms?

A 26-year-old female presents into the office you work at concerned that she has been exposed to chicken pox. She recalls having had chicken pox at 8 years old. You advise her that it is very unlikely that she will again get chicken pox because of her adaptive immunity.

How would you explain to her what adaptive immunity is?

If she was still concerned that she may develop chicken pox, what are some alternatives you could provide for her?


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