NURS6568 Week 5 Knowledge Check

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Test       Quiz - Week 5 Knowledge Check

Question 1 Elevating the head of the bed; lowering fat intake; stopping smoking; avoiding chocolate, alcohol, carbonated drinks, peppermint, citrus, coffee, onion, and garlic would help a patient with what GI disorder?

Peptic ulcer

Duodenal ulcer

Cholecystitis esp


Question 2          In acute appendicitis, when palpating the left lower quadrant of the abdomen and it leads to right lower quadrant pain, that is known as the         sign.





Question 3 In the United States, hypertension is the leading cause of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).



Question 4          What is a common cause of cirrhosis in the United States?

Alcoholic fatty liver disease

Alcoholic steatohepatitis


Bile duct blockage

Question 5          In a patient with chronic cholecystitis, would you expect to see normal lab values for which of the following?

 All of the above

White blood

count Amylase


All of the above

Question 6          A patient presents with sudden onset of abdominal pain that is constant, sharp, poorly localized and sometimes radiates to the back. Rebound tenderness is typically absent. This is more likely associated with:

Acute Appendicitis

Acute Cystitis

 Acute Pancreatitis


Question 7          If a patient has a persistent proteinuria, what is the next step in testing?


24-hour creatinine clearance and protein

urine culture and sensitivity

CT of abdomen

Question 8 In a patient with chronic cholecystitis, what lab values would you expect to see?

Normal WBC

Abnormal bilirubin

Abnormal amylase

Abnormal Lipase

Question 9 Abdominal pain must be present for an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) diagnosis.



Question 10 What are the two most common causes of peptic ulcers?

Soda and spicey foods

GERD and stress

Stress and NSAIDS

cip H. pylori and NSAIDS


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