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NR552 Advanced Pharmacology

Week 1 Quiz  

A prescription needs to be written for:

Select one:

 a.Legend drugs

 b.Most controlled drugs

 c.Medical devices

 d.All possible choices

Question 2Patient education regarding prescribed medication includes:

Select one:

 a.Instructions written at the high school reading level

 b.Discussion of expected adverse drug reactions

 c.How to store leftover medication such as antibiotics

 d.Verbal instructions that are always in English

Question 3Nurse practitioner prescriptive authority is regulated by:

Select one:

 a.The National Council of State Boards of Nursing

 b.The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

 c.The State Board of Nursing for each state

 d.The State Board of Pharmacy

Question 4U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval is required for:

Select one:

 a.Medical devices, including artificial joints

 b.Over-the-counter vitamins

 c.Herbal products, such as St. John's Wort

 d.Dietary supplements, such as Ensure

Question 5Treatment goals in prescribing should:

Select one:

 a.Always be curative

 b.Be patient centered

 c.Be convenient for the provider

 d.Focus on the cost of therapy

Question 6When determining drug treatment, the NP prescriber should:

Select one:

 a.Always use evidence-based guidelines

 b.Individualize the drug choice for the specific patient

 c.Rely on his or her experience when prescribing for complex patients

 d.Use the newest drug on the market for the condition being treated

Question 7Write a prescription for (in textbox or attach file if you like):

•             Mr. Jones, age 59 who is newly diagnosed with hyperlipidemia.  You are prescribing atorvastatin 20 mg to be taken once a day. He was instructed about a low fat/low cholesterol diet and routine exercise. He is to get follow up bloodwork in 3 months and return to the office to review his results and medication.

Atrovastatin 20 mg , PO X 1 DAILY.


Question 8Clinical judgment in prescribing includes:

Select one:

 a.Factoring in the cost to the patient of the medication prescribed

 b.Always prescribing the newest medication available for the disease process

 c.Handing out drug samples to poor patients

 d.Prescribing all generic medications to cut costs

Question 9Phase IV clinical trials in the United States are also known as:

Select one:

 a.Human bioavailability trials

 b.Postmarketing research

 c.Human safety and efficacy studies

 d.The last stage of animal trials before the human trials begin

Question 10Drugs that are designated Schedule II by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration:

Select one:

 a.Are known teratogens during pregnancy

 b.May not be refilled; a new prescription must be written

 c.Have a low abuse potential

 d.May be dispensed without a prescription unless regulated by the state


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