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NR548 Advanced Pathophysiology

Week 5 Discussion


Pick one of the following three cases and present your case summary:

Two-week-old Tabitha has infant respiratory distress syndrome. Eighty-year-old Anthony has emphysema, and 50-year-old Jenny has pulmonary fibrosis.

Why are the mechanics of breathing greatly compromised in each one of these cases?

Sixty-year-old Philip has been having difficulty catching his breath for about 2 months. He finds that he gets shortness of breath even when resting. He has also been spitting up blood and has a wet cough and is hoarse. He states that he has had chest pain off and on, but now it has become more severe. He describes it as central chest pain. Philip was treated for a basal cell carcinoma of his upper lip 12 months ago, and he has been a heavy smoker for 40 years.

As the provider for Philip, what things would you consider in this case?

You are the education coordinator at a local hospital. You have been asked to give a presentation to the hospital nurses on pulmonary embolisms and cor pulmonale.

How would you describe to these clinicians the physiology that plays a vital role in the development of these diseases?

What factors do you think are most important for them to know as they treat patients? Can one contribute to the formation of the other?

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