NORWICH NR552 2022 January Week 2 Assignment Latest

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NR552 Advanced Pharmacology

Week 2 Assignment  

Medical Definitions and Layman’s Definitions

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This Glossary is for working on medical definitions to share with the class. Your Instructor entered 'Pharmacodynamics' as an example. Entries will be listed alphabetically by the Term.


From the topics below- please pick at least 10 items. If your peer has already provided an explanation, please add on for further clarification or another example.

Use the 'Add a New Entry' button below the directions to enter the Concept/Term and then Definition.

Enter a formal definition and reference where the definition came from; textbook, web, etc. You may also include keywords, as well as files, links or images to help with understanding.

Also provide a layman's definition: An explanation or example of the term in your own words as if you were teaching a client or your peers- which you are! Do not restate the formal definition.

If you can explain it- you know it!

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