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NU643 Advance Psychopharmacology

Week 9 Discussion 

Harold or Greg ADHD Case Study

Initial Post

You will need to use the following log-in information to access these videos (all case sensitive):

Video Login Site

Username: Nursing

Password: 0908

To access the site, choose the login button from the upper right corner of the screen.

Enter the login criteria.

View the following case study videos and choose one for your discussion post by clicking on the links (You must be logged in to access the video links):

Harold Case Study Video

Harold Case Study Video Transcript

Greg Case Study Video

Greg Case Study Video Transcript

Answer the following questions and post to this discussion forum:

What symptoms of ADHD does your patient present with?

What are other possible causes of his symptoms?

What further information, if any, would you like about this case?

With the assumption that the patient does have ADHD, what medication would you prescribe (list name and dose)? Why?

List any relevant safety information and screening (labs, etc) related to your medication choice.

Your initial post should be in APA format with evidence-based references to support your statements.

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