REGIS NU631 2021 March Week 16 Quiz Latest (100% Graded)

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NU631 Scientific Inquiry for Evidence-Based Practice

Week 16 Quiz

Question 1A researcher is developing a tool to measure predelinquent behaviors in preadolescence. The researcher has already reviewed the literature, gathered qualitative data from experts, pilot-tested hundreds of predelinquent preadolescents, and analyzed the findings. It is clear that the tool actually measures what it is supposed to measure. This reflects the tool's:


 b.Measurement error



Question 2A researcher summarizes the findings and then makes generalizations. Why does the researcher refer to the literature before making generalizations?

 a.If the current study is a replication of previous research, its generalizations will be identical to those of the study it replicates.

 b.If there is no previous research in this area, no generalizations can be made.

 c.If the current study is the second by this researcher, its generalizations will be to the population from which the second sample was drawn and will specifically exclude the sample from the first study.

 d.If there is a lone study in this area, generalizations are narrow; if there is previous research of a parallel nature, more widespread generalization is in order.

Question 3In interpreting the findings of a study, the researcher should not do which of the following?

 a.Discuss the findings, with respect to clinical implications.

 b.Boldly and fearlessly identify the limitations of the study.

 c.Make cautious and well-founded conclusions, based on the findings.

 d.Make excuses for limitations.

Question 4In which parts of the research report could the reader find the one most important result of the study?




 d.Table 1

Question 5The U.S. census is an example of a huge descriptive research project that uses the entire population as the sample. What is not one of the limitations of generalizing census findings back to the entire population?

 a.Although all homes must fill out a census report, the homeless population often cannot be accessed, surveyed, and counted, so the homeless population is underrepresented in the findings.

 b.Persons whose primary language is something other than English or Spanish, and who do not speak either language, are more likely to be missed in the census.

 c.The survey method of data collection relies on self-report; some misrepresentation or error is inevitable.

 d.The population changes continuously, and the one described in the census isn't very much like the population on the day the results are published.

Question 6There are several steps in the process of converting a master's thesis into a publishable article: selecting a journal, writing a query letter, preparing an original manuscript, submitting the manuscript for review, and performing the revisions the editor indicates. Why should preparation of the manuscript not occur first? Select three of the following.

Select one or more:

 a.It would be foolish to write a manuscript without knowing the maximum length of manuscript that a journal accepts.

 b.If the response to several query letters is negative, it is best to abandon attempts to get the information into print.

 c.Various journals use different formatting. Waiting until editor interest is expressed saves unneeded re-formatting.

 d.Some journals limit the number of items in the reference list. Best know this before editing the thesis down to the length of an article.

Question 7There was a research gap before the study was performed. The study results filled the research gap. In what part of the research report would the research gap be identified? In what part of the research report would the researcher's strategy for filling the research gap be reported?

 a.Abstract … References

 b.Abstract … Abstract

 c.Introduction … Discussion

 d.Introduction … Methods

Question 8What part of the research report names the study design?





Question 9Which is the highest form of measurement?





Question 10Which one of these instructions to the research subject will provide the highest possible level of measurement?

 a.Indicate whether your income is above $20,000 a year or not.

 b.What was your income last year: 0 to $20,000; $20,000 to $60,000; $60,000 to $100,000; or more than $100,000?

 c.What was your total income last year, before taxes? Enter amount: _______.

 d.Did you earn money last year?

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