REGIS NU631 2021 March Week 3 Quiz Latest (100% Graded)

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NU631 Scientific Inquiry for Evidence-Based Practice

Week 3 Quiz

Question 1What is the relationship between a research topic and a research problem?

a.Research topics contain numerous potential research problems, and each problem provides the basis for developing many purposes.

b.A research problem is an area in which there is a gap in nursing’s knowledge base. It is a broad area that gives rise to several potential researchable topics.

c.The research topic and the research problem are identical.

d.The research topic specifies setting and population, but the problem does not.

Question 2Why is replicating a research study essential for knowledge development?

a.Each time a study is replicated, its probability of error decreases.

b.Replicating a study in a different population can decrease generalizability.

c.Replication helps confirm that the initial results were not reached in error.

d.Replication studies represent the majority of published nursing literature.

Question 3Which item represents a concise, clear statement of the specific goal or aim of a research study?

a.The research problem was identified as the general area of ignorance surrounding the causation and diagnosis of meningococcal meningitis, especially among soldiers in uniform, and this constituted a significant gap in the literature.

b.The purpose of the project, then, was to define changes in the variable of hypertension across time, with the four most prevalent treatment modalities prescribed by primary care physicians in the greater Chicago area.

c.The phenomenon of depression experienced by the primary schoolchild was focused upon in this study. It is an under-researched topic, especially since recent research has identified correlational links with childhood obesity, especially in Hispanic and African American populations.

d.Despite the fact that studying the disease, especially from standpoints of prevention and early detection, is costly and time-consuming, it represents a clear priority, since treatment itself is remarkably costly and the afflicted are not likely to experience even short remissions without early intervention.

Question 4A master’s student does not know how to choose a research problem. The student was a trauma nurse but has not been working clinically for the past two years. What sources can the student use in order to identify a researchable nursing problem? Research in the previous work area of trauma nursing does not interest the student. Which of the following activities is not a fruitful source for identifying a nursing research problem?

a.Talking with nurses still engaged in clinical practice about questions that have arisen in their work areas.

b.Reading professional research journals.

c.Depending on the student’s instructors to provide a research problem.

d.Accessing the National Institutes for Nursing Research (NINR) research priorities.

.Question 5Which of the answer choices is the practicing nurse’s most important source of researchable problems?

a.The nurse’s own clinical practice

b.Review of the literature

c.Nursing theories

d.Administrative mandates to conduct clinical research on every hospital unit

Question 6A study contains the research question, Can the application of twice-daily cortisone in the period from six to ten weeks postoperatively produce significantly increased range of motion in 50- to 60-year-old rotator-cuff repair patients at the six-month mark? What is the type of research described?





Question 7All of the answer choices are reasons to conduct replication research except:

a.The original study, using a small sample, showed statistically significant results.

b.The original research showed statistically significant findings, but the research site is no longer in operation.

c.The original sample size was adequate, the design was strong, and results showed no statistically significant results.

d.The original study produced statistically significant results in surgical outpatients. The researcher questioned whether the results would be the same in an inpatient setting.

Question 8Based on the Yates article, Research in Nursing Practice, the following are likely to help encourage bedside nurses to conduct research except:

a.Nursing education is strengthened.

b.Time away from direct care is allocated for conducting research activities.

c.Institutional and organizational support of research are strengthened.

d.A decrease in NINR funding and NIH funding occurs.

Question 9According to the Blake (2016) article, Yes, nurses do research, and it’s improving patient care, there is a growing number of nurses getting PhDs and doing research, according to a 2014 survey by American Association of Colleges of Nursing AACN). All of the answer choices are true except:

a.The survey found a significant growth in research-focused doctoral programs (i.e., PhD, DNS), which climbed to 134 programs in 2014.

b.Enrollment in PhD nursing programs increased by 3.2 percent over the previous year with 5,290 students enrolled in 2014.

c.Enrollment in nursing programs in California, Nebraska, and Vermont drastically declined in the past 10 years.

. There has not been a decline in nursing enrollment in these states over the past 10 years. In the United States, there is a push for there to be an increased volume of nurse researchers who are doctorally-prepared. The number of doctoral-prepared nurses has been growing over the past couple of decades.

d.Since 2004 when the DNP movement began to take shape, enrollment in research-focused doctoral programs has increased by 53.8 percent.

Question 10Quality improvement is important according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality because: Health care can vary widely across hospitals, locales and population groups. Suboptimal care can lead to complications, unnecessary hospital stays, lingering illness, or even death. When quality of care gaps become apparent, all health care professionals must be involved in improving the quality of care they deliver. Patients can take a role too.



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