REGIS NU631 2021 March Week 2 Quiz Latest (100% Graded)

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NU631 Scientific Inquiry for Evidence-Based Practice

Week 2 Quiz

Question 1In which way did Florence Nightingale contribute most substantially to evidence-based practice?

 a.She conducted outcomes research about the power of nursing for creating change.

 b.She was the first woman elected to the Royal Statistical Society.

 c.She gathered data that changed the care of hospitalized soldiers.

 d.She calculated mortality rates under varying conditions.

Question 2In a rehabilitation unit, patients are randomly assigned to high fiber diets versus ordinary fiber diets, in order to measure the effect on constipation. What type of quantitative research is this?

 a.Descriptive research

 b.Correlational research

 c.Quasi-experimental research

 d.Experimental research

Question 3A researcher designs a study. The data are collected by means of a questionnaire. The study has a clear purpose statement; the results are presented as a narrative without statistical analysis; and the suggestions made for practice are worded as general suggestions. What type of research is this?

 a.Qualitative research

 b.Quantitative research

 c.Mixed methods research


Question 4A researcher uses interviews with two or three open-ended questions to study women in the staging phase of breast cancer treatment, in order to understand their experiences and the meanings they attribute to those experiences. What type of research is this?

 a.Phenomenological research

 b.Grounded theory research

 c.Ethnographic research


Question 5What best characterizes the contribution of qualitative nursing research to evidence-based practice?

 a.It presents collective common evidence of healthcare clients’ experiences, which may provide inspirations for individual practice.

 b.It provides stories of how healthcare clients feel. This lets nurses know what people in similar circumstances can be expected to experience and feel.

 c.It provides evidence that determines how nurses should interact with various cultures. This mandates action.

 d.Its purpose is to test theory.

Question 6Ethnographic research would focus on all of the following topics except…?

 a.Bacterial cultures

 b.How children in Alaska play during the winter

 c.The members of Alcoholics Anonymous who share 20 years of abstinence

 d.The mentoring process in a labor-delivery unit

Question 7A researcher is operating from the point of view of logical positivism. Which research methods would the logical positivist not use?

 a.Grounded theory research

 b.Correlational research

 c.Quasi-experimental research

 d.Quantitative descriptive research

Question 8A human resources employee performs research focusing on the professional life span of nurses within this particular institution and tries to discover whether their choice of work area is connected with the number of years they work in the institution. What type of quantitative research is this?

 a.Descriptive research

 b.Correlational research

 c.Quasi-experimental research

 d.Experimental research

Question 9One of the differences between a DNP and PhD prepared nurse is that

 a.DNPs write journal articles to disseminate their research findings and PhDs do not.

 b.DNPs implement the research into their practice, which the PhDs have generated in their original nursing research studies.

 c.DNP educational programs are typically longer in length than PhD programs.

 d.DNPs are research oriented, and PhDs are practice oriented.

Question 10Thinking about the research hierarchy you learned about this week, which is the highest level of research, i.e., Level I?

 a.Systematic review and meta-analysis

 b.Descriptive study and qualitative study

 c.Opinions of expert committees and authorities

 d.Quasi Experimental study

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