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NURS4325 Nursing Research

Module 4 Assignment  

EBP Project - Finding the Evidence

Assignment Instructions

In this assignment, students will be asked to create the initial steps of an evidence based practice project using your topic and the article you found in Finding a Quantitative Nursing Research Article II (so long as it was approved).  You will also need your PICO(T) question that was approved in the Topic and PICO(T) Question assignment. The student will locate several additional resources to answer their PICO question, and write this information into a paper using APA style. Please click on the link below for more information, and watch your due dates and times carefully. For additional help, use the Module 4 discussion board. There is a six page limit to this paper, but that does not include the cover page or references.

Finding the Evidence Paper Instructions v2-1.docx

Be very careful not to plagiarize in this assignment. Remember, if you use a source and do not cite it, that is plagiarism. If you have a direct quote from any source and it is not clearly indicated as a quote in your paper, then even if you cite it that is plagiarism. IF SEVEN OR MORE WORDS ARE THE SAME AS ANY SOURCE THAT IS A QUOTE AND MUST BE MARKED AS SUCH. If you only change one or two words from the source but keep the order of the ideas the same as in the original, that is plagiarism. Go back to the plagiarism tutorial or ask a librarian if you have any questions. Any instances of plagiarism detected will result in your failing the course and being referred to the Office of Community Standards.

Submit your EBP Project - Finding the Evidence assignment and your nursing quantitative research article to the link above.

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