REGIS NU631 2021 March Week 6 Quiz Latest (100% Graded)

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NU631 Scientific Inquiry for Evidence-Based Practice

Week 6 Quiz

Question 1A research hypothesis states: "There is no measurable difference in incidence of acne in 15-year-olds who are placed on a chocolate-free diet." What is the dependent variable in this hypothesis?


b.No chocolate in the diet

c.Chocolate in the diet


Question 2A researcher identifies an important extraneous variable after a study is under way. What is the best action for the researcher to take now?

a.Determine whether the extraneous variable is an independent or dependent variable.

b.Stop the study and then redesign it so as to control for this extraneous variable.

c.Attempt to measure the extraneous variable so that its effect may be determined during the analytic phase.

d.Nothing now. Plan to identify this as a limitation during the dissemination phase.

Question 3A researcher identifies three variables and formulates a hypothesis that links them. That hypothesis is testable. What does it mean that the hypothesis is testable?

a.All the variables in the hypothesis are measurable.

b.The hypothesis must be replaced by a research question.

c.The value of the hypothesis is low.

d.The hypothesis is causational.

Question 4Read the following statement: There is no measurable difference in incidence of incarceration for adolescent children whose mothers work outside the home in comparison with those whose mothers do not work outside the home. How is this statement best defined?

a.Null hypothesis

b.Confounding variable

c.Research objective

d.Research question

Question 5The intervention that the researcher manipulates is the

a.Demographic variable

b.Independent variable

c.Dependent variable

d.Extraneous variable

Question 6What is a concept?

a.The abstract, logical structure of meaning

b.A term that abstractly describes and names an object, a phenomenon, or an idea, thus providing it with a distinct identity or meaning

c.An integrated set of defined concepts, existence statements, and relational statements that can be used to describe, explain, predict, or control that phenomenon

d.A diagram that expresses the interrelationships of concepts and statements

Question 7Which of the following is a concept but not a variable?

a.How many tries it takes to score a basketball free throw


c.Weight on a kilogram scale

d.The Heisenberg uncertainty principle

Question 8Which of the following is a variable?


b.How many times the experimental monkey rings the bell

c.Déja vu

d.Darwin's theory of evolution

Question 9Which statement demonstrates a positive linear relationship?

a.As "A" increases in value, so does "B."

b.As "A" changes in value, "B" may or may not change.

c.As "A" increases in value, "B" decreases in value.

d.If "A" occurs, then "B" occurs, but only if "C" occurs.

Question 10Which statement demonstrates a sequential relationship?

a.As "A" changes in value, "B" does not.

b.As "A" changes, "B" may or may not change.

c.After "A" changes, "B" changes.

d.When "A" changes, "B" changes at the same time.

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