REGIS NU631 2021 March Week 11 Quiz Latest (100% Graded)

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NU631 Scientific Inquiry for Evidence-Based Practice

Week 11 Quiz

Question 1Which is the highest form of measurement?





Question 2A secretary in a veterinarian’s office keeps track of how many animals come in for care in a week’s time and what types of animals they are: cat, dog, horse, gerbil, duck, snake, and so forth. What level of measurement is this?





Question 3Mark is in third grade and has just learned how to use a ruler to measure. He has become a measuring fool. He measures everything in the house, writing down all the measurements, and gaily announcing to his mom, “Hey, Mom. Guess what? The saltshaker is four and a quarter inches tall.” What level of measurement is this?





Question 4A researcher is developing a tool to measure predelinquent behaviors in preadolescence. The researcher already has reviewed the literature, gathered qualitative data from experts, pilot-tested hundreds of predelinquent preadolescents, and analyzed the findings. It is clear that the tool actually measures what it is supposed to measure. This reflects the tool’s


b.Measurement error



Question 5Which one of these instructions to the research subject provides the highest possible level of measurement?

a.Indicate whether your income is above $20,000 a year or not.

b.What was your income last year: 0 to $20,000; $20,000 to $60,000; $60,000 to $100,000; or more than $100,000?

c.What was your total income last year, before taxes? Enter amount: __.

d.Did you earn money last year?

Question 6An outpatient being treated in the infusion center for thalassemia is asked to fill out a form about satisfaction with the center, while the patient waits for the appointment. The form consists of five questions, each a statement, with six possibilities after it: Strongly Agree, Agree, Slightly Agree, Slightly Disagree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree. What is the best description of these questions?

a.A questionnaire

b.A Likert scale

c.A forced-choice scale

d.Observational checklist

Question 7The principal disadvantages of administering open-ended questions are which of the following? Select all that apply.

a.They are time-consuming to analyze.

b.They are impractical for use with large samples.

c.They can be difficult to interpret.

d.They force answers.

Question 8Which of the following is not a physiological measure?

a.A subject’s report of episodes of tachycardia per day.

b.Score on the Mini Mental Status Exam

c.Pulse rate as displayed on an ICU’s monitor

d.Serum sodium

Question 9Which of the following are direct measures? Select all that apply.

a.The patient’s radial pulse rate.

b.The dimensions in centimeters of a decubitus ulcer.

c.The nurse’s observations of an infant’s apparent pain.

d.The patient’s serum serotonin levels.

Question 10Which of the following is not the reason that visual analog scale (VAS) is used so frequently in healthcare research?

a.It is easy for clients to understand.

b.It is easy to administer and score.

c.It requires a minimum of translation to be used in languages other than English.

d.Validity is the same, regardless of how the visual analog scale is used.


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