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NU664C Primary Care of the Psychiatric Mental Health Client I

Week 10 Quiz    

Question 1A 45-year-old man with severe major depression is on a high dose of an antidepressants but develops increased blood pressure. Which of the following medications is most likely the culprit?






Question 2Compared with unipolar depression, the depressed phase of bipolar disorder ________.

 a.has a later onset

 b.has a more gradual onset

 c.carries a higher risk of suicide less frequently accompanied by psychotic symptoms in younger patients

Question 3Nikki is a 22-year-old female diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Her symptoms are self-harm by cutting, binge-purge eating, and alcohol and prescription pill abuse. Which of the following therapies would be the bestmatch for this type of client?

 a.Exposure therapy because behaviors are acquired through conditioning

b.Psychodynamic psychotherapy since knowing the self is the basis for practice

c.Solution-focused therapy because people have the capacity to solve their problems

d.Dialectical Behavior Therapy because its goal is to increase self-awareness

Question 4One of the targets of Healthy People 2020 focuses the United States on which mental health promotion issue?

 a.Decreasing polypharmacy in mental health care

 b.Reducing child and adolescent suicide

 c.Promoting deinstitutionalization

 d.Increasing social supports for the indigent

Question 5The primary function of a biopsychosocial case formulation is to ________.

 a.generate an understanding of the person as a whole

 b.identify comorbid medical illnesses

 c.assess the maturity of the patient's defense mechanisms

 d.determine the patient's level of social support

Question 6Which of the following characteristics are critical factors to evaluate in light of a client's potential for suicide?

 a.Frustration and impatience

 b.Anger and resentment

 c.Anxiety and loneliness

 d.Hopelessness and helplessness

Question 7Which of the following is a protective factor for the risk of suicide?

 a.Having a sense of responsibility for one's spouse or children

 b.Having good social standing in the community

 c.Having an IQ over 120

 d.A childhood physical illness that has now resolved

Question 8Which of the following PMHNP activities may contribute to successfully accomplishing the Healthy People 2020 goals?

 a.Teach educators about suicide screening and prevention at the local high school.

 b.Use the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) in private practice.

 c.Provide mental health care to children and adolescents.

 d.Provide education to high school students and their parents about eating disorder behaviors.

 e.Write a local senator about current NP practice restrictions.

Question 9Which one of the following is a self-administered rating scale in psychiatry?

 a.Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D)

 b.Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety

 c.Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)

 d.Clinical Global Impression of Change (CGI)

Question 10Women are twice as likely to become depressed but men are more at risk for suicide.



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