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NU664C Primary Care of the Psychiatric Mental Health Client I

Week 6 Quiz   

Question 1A biopsychosocial evaluation includes several steps and categories of information gathered during the patient interview. It also includes the assessment of which category(ies)?

 a.Ego functioning

 b.Affective development

 c.Interpersonal relationships

 d.Adult attachments

 e.All of the answers

Question 2Assessing ego strength is a part of the overall mental health evaluation process. What could Ego strength be defined as?




 d.Life satisfaction

 e.All of the answers

Question 3Assessing resiliency is a part of the overall mental health evaluation process and could be defined as which of the following?




 d.The ability to bounce back from negative life experiences


e.All of the answers

Question 4Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) is a code set by the American Medical Association. What is its function?

 a.Describe medical, surgical, and diagnostic services

 b.Communicate uniform information about medical services

 c.Describe services for billing purposes

 d.All of the answers

Question 5Of the following which one best describes population health?

 a.Delivering the same health care to all people

 b.Stratifying risk within populations

 c.The quality of medical health care

 d.Linking outcomes to patterns of health determinants

Question 6The PMHNP is assessing a patient's ego functioning in the initial assessment. What does an assessment of ego functions include?

 a.Socratic questioning

 b.Assessment of patient strengths

 c.ompleting a genogram

 .Assessing for presence of delusions and hallucinations

Question 7The range of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health status are known as which of the following?

 a.Tertiary action items

 b.Epidemiological patterns and prevalence

 c.Determinants of health

 d.IHI's Triple Aim

Question 8There are several approaches for developing a case formulation. Which of the following best describes this process?

 a.It consists of interviewing the patient and completing a screening tool.

 b.It is a skill set that is easily learned.

 .It is primarily used by physicians and not really necessary for PMHNPs.

 d.It is a descriptive process that organizes, explains, and makes sense out of the information collected.

Question 9What are defense mechanisms best viewed as?

 a.A function of the ego to alert us to harm and danger

 b.A function of the ego to alert us to problems

 c.A function of the ego used to resolve a conflict

 d.A function of the ego used to protect the id

Reduces anxiety arising from an unacceptable or potentially harmful stimuli or when our id or superego becomes too

Question 10Which of the following is the most important initial step when a patient is in crisis?

 a.Identify whether or not the patient has a home to live in.

 b.Identify the patient's current level of cognitive functioning.

 c.Identify other staff that have more training in diagnosing mental health disorders.

 d.Identify whether the patient is reporting intent to harm himself or others.


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