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NU664C Primary Care of the Psychiatric Mental Health Client I

Week 4 Quiz   

Question 1A client seeks treatment from a solution-focused therapist for somatic complaints. What would the therapist's question to the client most likely be?

 a.Can you tell me what happened in your childhood?

 b.Tell me about the surgeries you have had.

 c.When you aren't in terrible pain or visiting your doctor, what are you doing instead?

 d.What was going on in your life when the pain started?

Question 2Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) provides a useful framework for examining the dynamics of patient-practitioner communication and has a particular relevance for comparing language-discrepant and language congruent communication. In theoretical terms, what does CAT proposes?

 a.Speakers attempt to diverge their manner of speaking, to accomplish important social goals around attaining social approval, identity, and so on.

b.The extent to which speakers over-talk reflects the need for communication efficiency.

 c.Convergence is viewed as positive and normative.

 d.Convergence in manner of speaking reflects a specific intention to do so, and is normally perceived negatively.

Question 3The learned beliefs and behaviors common among all members of a group defines as which of the following?

 a.Complex delusions

 b.Follie a deux


d.Follie a familia

Question 4The most important thing to learn as a beginning psychotherapist is how to develop a therapeutic alliance.




 Question 5The Suicide Assessment Five-Step Evaluation and Triage (SAFE-T) helps providers integrate suicide prevention strategies into their practice including which of the following?

 a.Assessment of risk factors

 b.Protective factors that can be enhanced

 c.A scale to determine the level of risk and possible interventions

 d.All of the answers

Question 6What are the CLAS standards in healthcare?

 a.Intended to advance health equity, improve quality, and help eliminate health care disparities by providing a blueprint for individuals and health and healthcare organizations to implement culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

 b.Barriers to effective and equitable healthcare that can result from linguistic differences between patients and clinicians.

 c.Unclear about how health-related risk is appropriately and accurately conveyed to a patient when their first language is discordant with that of the practitioner and the wider community.

 d.Failures to communicate properly the seriousness of risk.

Question 7What is one way the therapist can competently deal with a patient’s resistance?

 a.Avoiding identified problems

 b.Recognizing defenses

 c.Giving a lot of advice

 d.Ignoring disruptive behaviors

Question 8What is the definition that best articulates the spirit of empathy?

 a.A process of understanding whereby the nurse enters the patient’s perceptual world, the patient feels understood, and confirmation of self occurs as a part of the process.

b.Deflecting as a form of empathic validation which separates the facts from the individual.

 c.Talking too much and giving good advice are important clinical skills.

 d.A way of rejecting and resisting the patient’s narrative that allows the therapist to confront cognitive distortions successfully.

Question 9Which of the following are signs of an APRN’s countertransference?

 a.Always remembering to attend the session, being on time, and looking forward to the session

 b.Denying pathology for the person’s best interest, allowing free sessions, ignoring the outcome of therapeutic errors

 c.Listening attentively, not thinking about the person outside of the session, being late

 d.Staying awake during the session, being on time, rescue fantasies

Question 10Which of the following statements is an example of focusing?

  a.Yes, your relationship with your mother is important, and it may help you understand better what goes on for you in other relationships by discussing this further.

 b.Perhaps you are feeling that I am not giving you what you need here.

 c.Some people feel journaling their thoughts is helpful.

 d.I recommend that you take this medication at bedtime because it may make you drowsy.

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