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NU664C Primary Care of the Psychiatric Mental Health Client I

Week 3 Quiz   

Question 1A PMHNP is using a cognitive-behavioral approach to help an adolescent client change self-defeating behaviors. Which of the following would the PMHNP highlight when using CBT?





Question 2Bowlby's Attachment Theory is a developmental perspective about anxiety that consists of three essential concepts. Which of the following is not included?





Question 3Which of the following are psychotherapeutic modalities that can be effective for anxiety disorders?

 a.Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

 b.Relaxation with bio


 d.All of the answers

Question 4Which of the following is the most important initial step when a patient is in crisis?

 a.Identify whether or not the patient has a home to live in.

 b.Identify the patient's current level of cognitive functioning.

 c.Identify other staff that have more training in diagnosing mental health disorders.

 d.Identify whether the patient is reporting intent to harm himself or others.

Question 5Which of the following PMHNP activities may contribute to successfully accomplishing the Healthy People 2020 goals?

 a.Teach educators about suicide screening and prevention at the local high school.

 b.Use the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) in private practice.

 c.Provide mental health care to children and adolescents.

 d.Provide education to high school students and their parents about eating disorder behaviors.

 e.Write a local senator about current NP practice restrictions.

Question 6Assessing resiliency is a part of the overall mental health evaluation process and could be defined as which of the following?




d.The ability to bounce back from negative life experiences

 .All of the answers

Question 7One of the targets of Healthy People 2020 focuses the United States on which mental health promotion issue?

 a.Decreasing polypharmacy in mental health care

 b.Reducing child and adolescent suicide

 c.Promoting deinstitutionalization

 d.Increasing social supports for the indigent

Question 8Systematic desensitization involves all of the following except which one?

 a.Relaxation techniques

 b.Gradual exposure to a feared object

 c.Resolution of childhood conflicts


Question 9Which of the following are psychotherapeutic modalities that can be effective for anxiety disorders?

 a.Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

 b.Relaxation with bio


 d.All of the answers

Question 10Which of the following statements about anxiety is not true?

 a.Anxiety disorders are more likely in those with a first-degree relative who has an anxiety disorder.

 b.People with untreated anxiety disorders may self-medicate with EtOH or other substances.

 c.Anxiety disorders are more common in people of lower socioeconomic status.

 d.Anxiety disorders are generally more prevalent in females than in males.

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