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NR667 FNP Capstone Practicum & Intensive

Week 7 Assignment  


For complete assignment guidelines refer back to the Week 1: ePortfolio explore page.


The purpose of the ePortfolio assignment is to provide the graduate nurse practitioner student opportunity to synthesize and reflect on the process of becoming an entry-level nurse practitioner. This process should include review of psychomotor, affective and cognitive growth over the course of the program and involves professional self-assessment. The specific aim of the ePortfolio is for the nurse practitioner student to provide evidence of what has been accomplished during their graduate education and how the MSN program outcomes have been satisfied.

Activity Learning Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

Individualize and broaden the scope of assessment (student educational outcomes). Empower student growth by providing opportunity for faculty guided student reflection concerning intellectual and affective growth during their graduate school experience. Enhance development of higher-level metacognition and meta-comprehension through intentionality of teaching/learning design.


The ePortfolio assignment is embedded in select courses throughout the nurse practitioner program. Refer to the table below for a list of courses. You will begin developing your ePortfolio by watching the "how-to" video and by creating the sections of the ePortfolio. Next you will upload the required artifact for each course indicated. Courses that requires an artifact (an assignment is considered an ePortfolio artifact) you will see a prompt in the course to add the required document. Grading of the entire ePortfolio will take place in the final course, NR661, your final practicum course.

There will be three (3) sections to your ePortfolio. The first section is the Introduction, the second is Course Artifacts and the third is the Outcomes Analysis and Planning section.

Introduction Section:

Resume (using provided resume format)




Conference / Non-Academic Course Completion Documents

Work Evaluations

Letters of Recommendations

Student Created Table of Clinical Experiences with Dates

Professional Goal Statement: Goals and Objectives

Artifacts Section

In the Artifacts section of the ePortfolio each student is expected to submit graded assignments, with instructor comments, along with the grading rubric (used by the course instructor that includes grade received for the assignment). There should be a minimum of three (3) artifacts for each course taken at Chamberlain University (MSN-FNP track from NR500 forward) included in the ePortfolio.

The artifacts collectively should demonstrate growth in critical thinking, new graduate nurse practitioner clinical competence, scholarly writing, and professional growth that occurred during your graduate nursing student education.

Outcome Analysis:

A. Concept Map: In Section A, you are required to create a visual depiction via a Concept Map that demonstrates the connection of each Program Outcome to a minimum of three (3) course artifacts. The artifacts chosen must be from different courses and must represent courses with and without a practicum component.

B. Narrative Analysis: In Section B, students must submit a scholarly reflective narrative that demonstrates how all of the artifacts submitted, and the course in which the artifacts were produced, meet each MSN program outcome. This Narrative Analysis format should use APA format, to include a cover page, running head, headings, and a reference list. Other elements, such as an APA formatted table, may also be included. Strict adherence to APA format is required. Examples of references that would support this Narrative Analysis might include a required journal reading from a course, material from a nurse practitioner professional web site to include a board of nursing site, or other peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Course textbooks may be used.

The final ePortfolio will be submitted in the Capstone course, NR667, where it will be graded. You will upload your ePortfolio link to the grade book as indicated in the course. Please refer to the rubric for grading particulars.

Chamberlain College of Nursing FNP Program Outcomes:

Provide high quality, safe, patient, centered care grounded in holistic health principles.

Create a caring environment for achieving quality health outcomes.

Engage in lifelong personal and professional growth through reflective practice and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Integrate professional values through scholarship and service in health care.

Advocates for positive health outcomes through compassionate, evidence-based, collaborative advanced nursing practice.

Artifacts/Assignment per Course:

Choose any three assignments from each core course and clinical course that you consider your best work in the program and connect/relate to our Program Outcomes. Example: If you took 10 courses at Chamberlain, you should have 30 artifacts.

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