NR667 2022 January Week 4 Assignment Virtual Interactive Student Evaluation Latest

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NR667 FNP Capstone Practicum & Intensive

Week 4 Assignment  

Virtual Interactive Student Evaluation

The Clinical VISE Assignment may be completed between Weeks 3-5. Please work with your instructor to set up a time.

Purpose: The VISE assignment (Virtual Interactive Student Evaluation) is to evaluate student progress in clinical, based on per course clinical objectives. This will be a mid-term check to identify and assist students who may be struggling with clinical critical thinking and communication. Students who do not pass the VISE on the first attempt will be placed on a clinical PIP and given a second attempt at passing the VISE prior to course end.

Directions: The VISE will be completed by video conference between the course faculty and the student sometime between the beginning of Week 3 and the end of Week 5. Immediately following the VISE, the faculty and student will complete the mid-term phone call check in, review of clinical practicum, and clinical logs in MyEvaluations.

Description: This final virtual check builds upon skills learned in the previous clinical courses and emphasizes ability to professionally communicate, gather appropriate data, make a correct diagnosis, and develop the plan of care. Faculty will choose one of top 25 diagnosis and give a scenario to the student. The student will have a list of the diagnoses they should know in presentation, diagnosis, and management. The student will need to have video and audio capability and have someone, who is older than 12, to act as a patient during the VISE.

Diagnoses List:



Diabetes Type II

Back pain



Allergic rhinitis

Reflux esophagitis




Fibromyalgia / myositis


Pain in knee

Pain in shoulder

Pain in hip

Acute laryngopharyngitis

Acute maxillary sinusitis

Acute bronchitis


Depressive disorder

Nail fungus

Tinea corporis


Urinary tract infection

Total Points Possible: 50*

*If a student does not pass first attempt with a score of 25 points (50%) or greater, the student will be required to take a second VISE assessment after successfully completing: (a) the criteria set forth by course faculty in a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), and (b) a minimum 14-day waiting period between the time of the first and second attempts. If the student does not achieve a score of 25 points (50%) or greater on the second VISE attempt, the score for this assessment will be recorded as 0 (zero).


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